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A well-made piece of furniture is also a piece of art

Heirloom custom furniture enhances the spaces you love

Enjoy a modern kitchen in your historic home

Wood details bring out your home's beauty and charm

Create space in your home with well-designed custom furniture

Breathe new life into your most valued items with a loving restoration and refinishing

Museum-quality art installations display your artwork beautifully and safely

Building a custom cabinet

A custom piece made by a woodworking master has several qualities that distinguish it from a mass-produced item. Learn the differences between custom and mass-produced cabinetry and furniture.

California historic home

The goal of historic property preservation is to salvage as many original features as possible, carefully restore them to their original condition, and lovingly maintain them so as to last another hundred years.

Fine art installation

Proper installation of large pieces of art is for the protection of both the piece and the viewer. Installing large, heavy or complicated pieces of art requires expertise in rigging as well as structural soundness.


Tony’s workmanship is impeccable, with an incredible attention to detail. Tony also builds for longevity ensuring his work will be structurally sound for years to come. Tony worked closely with us to ensure the plan was what we wanted, and the finished product exceeded our expectations when all was said and done.

Robert H.

The thing that was amazing was that Tony spec’d and built the cabinets in San Diego and then shipped them up to Seattle and installed them.  I wholeheartedly recommend Tony for any woodworking, cabinetry work that you’re thinking about.

Clay D.

I decided to work with Tony to build custom cabinets. They are more beautiful and functional than I imagined.  Tony is honest, dependable and will deliver what he promises, and his prices are very reasonable.  He is a master craftsman and an artist. The cabinets are not only beautiful but built to last a lifetime. 

Lisa N.