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California historic home

California’s historic properties are a window into our past.

Wood windows on Mills Act historic home

The goal of historic property preservation is to salvage as many original features as possible, carefully restore it to its original condition, and lovingly maintain it so as to last another hundred years. Replication is an option when restoration is not possible.

In California, the Mills Act is a contract between the city and the owner of a qualified historic property. The city reduces the amount of property taxes owed in exchange for a commitment by the owner to preserve the property. The Mills Act gives some homeowners significant money savings. Do you have a historic home in San Francisco or another part of California?

With or without the Mills Act, I understand how important it is to save a home’s historic features. In addition to helping clients preserve their historic homes and successfully pass the city’s inspections on their permitted projects, I’ve improved my own historic home. It does happen to be a Mills Act home.

The historic features I most often restore or replicate in historic homes are double-hung sash windows, doors, trim and molding, picture rail, wood siding, wainscoting, cabinets, built-ins, columns, and mantles.