San Diego Historic Property Windows

San Diego has a rich architectural history. Several small neighborhoods around San Diego are designated Historical Districts. The city has a special department dedicated to overseeing the preservation of these districts and the buildings in them. Owners of buildings with historical status may be eligible for a special break on their property taxes, called the Mills Act property tax reduction. Property owners who get the Mills Act reduction are generally bound by an agreement with the city to maintain the historical integrity of their building. This means different things for each property owner.

Whether or not a tax break is involved, historic preservation provides countless benefits to the property owners and the surrounding neighborhood. Many property owners take great pride in caring for their historic building – carefully maintaining the details, and restoring original features that have not survived the decades.

Historic preservation carries special challenges that don’t apply to all types of buildings. From the selection of an appropriate wood to choosing colors for exterior paint and trim, the details depend on much more than any one person’s taste or style. Salvaging original materials is very important to most preservationists, as is creating replacement details when needed that are virtually the same as the originals. One of the best things you can do to maintain the value of your historic home is to keep your old doors and windows, whenever possible. Oftentimes they can be restored to – or beyond – their original beauty.

If you own a historic property in San Diego, talk to Tony about the restoration work it needs.

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