About Tony Rotter

About Tony Rotter_600Mission Statement
Tony’s goal is simply for every client to be thrilled with his work. He approaches every project with the same eye for detail and the same solution-oriented perspective – what is going to work best for you? What is going to allow you to enjoy your project for many years to come?

About pRottertype
Rotter rhymes with motor. pRottertype (prō’-tər-tīp) is a play on the words Rotter and prototype. It means “an original full-scale design or construction made exclusively by Tony Rotter.”

About Tony Rotter
Tony loves to create. He enjoys gardening. He likes to cook and is great at it. He takes extremely good care of everything he owns and can fix almost anything.

He enjoys running, swimming, and bicycling. He’s married to Kimberly, a writer/editor. They both feel very fortunate to work from home most of the time. In June 2010 they welcomed a healthy baby girl into the family, and they now spend much of her time watching her grow.

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